Leather interior for your BMW

Customization for your BMW interior
You naturally attach great value to your new or used BMW. We understand that well! What if we can make your BMW even more exclusive?! This becomes possible with an exclusive leather interior in your BMW. Cools Bekledingen has been known since 1976 for its craftsmanship, unique designs and eye for detail. BMW is ideal for creating a fantastic custom-made interior. That is our mission! The possibilities are endless and you can choose from a wide range of leather types and leather colors.

For a long time, Cools has been the preferred supplier of BMW, MINI & Mercedes-Benz and its national dealer organizations. The basis for this collaboration lies in; the high-quality handmade leather interiors and the guarantee from Cools that safety provisions (such as the airbags & emergency braking systems) remain fully operational even after upholstery. In the case of BMW, MINI and Mercedes-Benz, we conform to the product liability & warranty/leniency guidelines of the respective brand.
The exclusive BMW leather lines, such as the Individual line and M Sport Edition, are made in-house by Cools Upholstery. For BMW we cover the entire range of models (bmw i8, bmw 1 series, bmw x7, bmw i3, bmw x1, bmw x5 etc).

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